Sun Kisses Lake Victoria


As the sun kisses lake Victoria, the fishermen are just ready to go catch silver fish. It is the fish about 2inches in size but a highly valuable source of protein. The logic behind catching it is rather simple; as the darkness gathers, fishermen put anchored lights to float on the water and leave it in the dark. it is within the darkness that the fish follows the only source of light. When they appear in large numbers, the net is brought and put around the light in such a way that little or none escape.

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About Innocent Ampeire & Nature Photographers

Innocent Ampeire was born and raised in the Kabale District, in southwestern Uganda. He had always had a sense of wanting to protect the environment. He attended various primary and secondary public schools and as he grew older, became aware of the importance of preserving the environment and the wildlife around. Innocent joined a wildlife club when he was young, in hopes of becoming a conservationist someday. He took every opportunity to learn by enrolling in training courses in the field of Environment and Conservation. In 2010, Innocent was awarded a certificate for Outstanding Service as a Savanna guide at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge in Florida. He was working there as the African Cultural Representative through the Guest Education Host program. While at Disney, he also volunteered at the Give Kids the World Village. This is where children, with a life-threatening illness, can spend a week-long free vacation with their family. Soon after, Innocent was able to save enough money to make his dream come true. I received a Wildlife/Forestry Conservation diploma from the Penn Foster Career School in the USA. Innocent has worked as an Animal Keeper, at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary; Educator, Safari Guide and a photographer for a number of companies. As of January 2015, he is also the Assistant Sanctuary Manager in charge of animal welfare working for Chimpanzee Trust. He enjoys meeting people and teaching the ways of the wildlife. He feels it is important to share his knowledge. Animal welfare is important but Innocent also wants to influence people through images. Photography is another passion of his. He loves to capture nature and wildlife through his lens

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