Sun Kisses Lake Victoria


As the sun kisses lake Victoria, the fishermen are just ready to go catch silver fish. It is the fish about 2inches in size but a highly valuable source of protein. The logic behind catching it is rather simple; as the darkness gathers, fishermen put anchored lights to float on the water and leave it in the dark. it is within the darkness that the fish follows the only source of light. When they appear in large numbers, the net is brought and put around the light in such a way that little or none escape.


spur-winged lapwing

The spur-winged lapwing (Vanellus spinosus) is one of the fun birds you can see at Ngamba island.  These birds are medium-sized wading birds and often seen around the edges of lakes and waterways, though will sometimes venture out into the plains also.  In the past, the spur-winged lapwing was claimed to be involved in a a cleaning symbiosis with the Nile crocodile: the crocodiles would open their mouths for the birds to clean around the teeth and gums — though this has never been confirmed!

spur winged lapwing

Water sprout over Lake Victoria – East Africa

Okay here I am putting two photo pieces together to tell a story. The beauty of nature photography is that the camera lens captures real occurrence. Yesterday from a distance of about one kilometer, I pressed the shutter release button to capture one of the great water sprouts over Lake Victoria. Despite the bad weather, I still recorded something that I find necessary to share with the rest of the world. About two years ago an American #Photojournalist captured and recorded this on Lake Victoria: Julia Cumes made it before our own eyes – the event occurred in real time, Chris Austria and I were mesmerized by Julia’s works.